Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An underwater wedding ceremony? Why not?

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Nowadays, engaged couples are looking for more and more creative ways to make their wedding unforgettable and outspoken. I this regard, Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, has become one of the most popular Florida wedding destinationsthat can offer you an incredibly unusual time spending, the one that will be lobed not only by you but also by everyone of your wedding party company.

First of all, your guests can scuba dive in order to enter the hotel and just as soon as they arrive, they will be greeted with romantic music and fresh flowers, isn't that already great. The ceremony can take place at 3 p.m. in the lodge and will be conducted by a waiter who will also  scuba dive down to the lodge along with the couple. The wedding couple will then start celebrating the beginning of their new life together with a toast, eating an underwater wedding cake, and also try a freshly cooked meal that will be prepared by the hotel chef who can also dive down.

But remember the thing that guests attending underwater weddings at the lodge will be really few, because of the fact that the lodge can accommodate just up to six people, but that’s an ideal venue for coupes who wish to spend some time on their own.  A good thing is that you don’t have to a be certified diver in order to stay at the hotel and scuba dive but if your guests wish so, they can take a three-hour class in order to be able to get acquainted with the equipment and procedures helping them to dive or hire a qualified scuba diving instructor. Besides, The Lodge can also offer you a full scuba diving certification package in a term of just three days, so many couples can explore the magnificent marine environment.

The great fact is that the lodge offers you two bedrooms, a bathroom with hot water, and a dining and living room with TVs, DVD players, telephones, intercom and even a music portal. Undoubtedly, one of the best things about all this idea with an underwater Florida venue is tht there is a 42-inch round window in each room that allows all guests to see closer the ocean's most beautiful species.

So, as you can see, couples can and will definitely enjoy this exclusive possibility to stay in the hotel, especially if they are looking for the romantic escape from their ordinary homely environment, and enjoy their amazing wedding abroad, as well as their unique honeymoon.

 Images from weddingsbythebreakers.com


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