Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trend - Peplum Style Tops (Topshop)

 Front / Back
Lace Back Peplum Top $56.00
 I love this top. I'm inlove with it.
Love the Peplum style. 
Love the lace details that makes it sexy in a subtle way

Hello Everyone,
I have been seeing this style everywhere online, in stores and magazines.
This is called Peplum Style and I'm loving it.
Here are CUTE PEPLUM STYLE Tops from Topshop

Embellished Collar Peplum Top - $64.00
Love the Details on the Collar

Bow Peplum Blouse $64.00
Love the Bow details, it makes it CUTE and Girly

Sleeveless Peplum Top $36.00
This is just a Plain Top that you can wear with a long or short Statement Necklace
and it would look great.

Topshop - Poppy Print Sleeveless Peplum $64.00
Love the Floral Print of this one.
It's Cute

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  1. I adore peplum and the tops you picked out are gorgeous! Love the bright red one and the white one! xo

  2. I like peplum top but I haven't already find my ideal cloth.
    I love the white one,so romantic and bon ton