Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trend - Lace (Topshop)

Ads - LACE
Cover Girl / Dolce & Gabbana "the one"
Vogue April 2012 Issue

Hello Everyone,
We all love Lace, I absolutely LOVE pieces with Lace Details
Lace is definitely SEXY but it can also be cute, sweet and elegant

Net - A - Porter / Valentino / Dolce & Gabbana
Vogue April 2012 Issue

Favorite Lace items from Topshop

Topshop - Baby Pink Lace Playsuit $64.00 / Topshop - Petite Lace Flippy Tunic $64.00
 I think this Jumpsuit is Cute

Topshop - Lace Back Peplum Top $56.00
 I love this shirt.. I'm inlove with it.
Love the peplum style. 
Love the lace details that makes it sexy in a subtle way

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  1. I love lace!

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