Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Guide to Versatile and Trendy Footwear


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As glamorous and well-fitted as any outfit may be, its success can sometimes come down to what you are wearing on your feet. Footwear can make or break any outfit, so it’s important that you get it right. An eclectic mix of footwear is essential to any wardrobe, but there are a few styles which can complement almost anything.

From the rugged to the unusually formal, here are a few foolproof shoe designs that are sure to put a perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Desert boots

Trending this summer for men of many styles are desert boots. A soft material, brushed with a faded tan finish, will top off a whole range of outfits perfectly. Just bear in mind that desert boots do tend to be more of a casual option.

Generally fitted to a flat sole, desert boots offer flexibility when it comes to purpose, and allow you to be comfortable on your feet, no matter what you are doing. The neutral colour scheme allows them to go well with anything, and the hardy material makes them a reliable option in all weathers. Overall, desert boots offer a practical and stylish option this summer.

Converse All Stars

Since their inception as a basketball shoe in the 1920’s, Converse All Stars have topped the style charts for generations. The shoes have been popular with a number of notable sub-cultures over the 20th and 21st centuries – from the Californian surfers of the 1960’s to the grunge outfits of the mid-90’s.

Today, Converse offers the shoe in a huge array of materials and colours. Just take a look at the Converse all stars range to see what we mean. All stars are a versatile shoe that can complement any outfit. Though most commonly seen as the finishing touch to a casual or sporting look, they can also add a touch of unexpected individuality to a more formal get-up.

 Timberland boots

Originally introduced as a sturdy working boot, Timberland boots offer an industrial strength alternative to the desert boot. The high quality material fares well in all weather conditions, and can cope with practically any situation.

Recently, the shoes have found their way into the casual realm of the fashion world. A versatile shoe from a well-known brand, Timberlands are hard to beat when it comes to finding a quality shoe which can be worn with any style of casual or working outfit.


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