Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prada's Clutch

Vogue May 2012 Issue

Hello Everyone,
If you remember, few weeks I posted "Do we LIKE this? Prada Clutch"
 We all LOVE Prada, but most of you agreed with me that the Clutch was ugly, retro in a bad way, and that maybe there was not a possible way of wearing it without making a BAD statement.
I found the complete AD on the Vogue May 2012 Issue and here it is.
I love the dresses, cute cute cute but the Clutch I'm not feeling.

The concept of the color block is great, the red and green
but I just don't see the point of the cherry and dice!!
This is not something that I would purchase

 NOT liking the lips with the cigarette
Maybe the lips alone with had been OK.

 This one is kind of CUTE with the rose!!

I guess there's a Prada Clutch for everyone, whatever you want on it
Lips, Cigarettes, Roses, Dices, Fire, Martinis, Fruits

What do you guys think?

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment :) i love the clutch with the rose <3

  2. Precious post: I love Prada and accessories are fantastic!!
    For dress, I can advice you to check to Zara because there is something plissé very similar...

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  4. that clutch is to die for, so awesome!

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  5. Love this post!

  6. Love them all!!! Can't even choose my favorite one!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo

  7. Those clutches are so fab! I LOVE them!!!

  8. I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D They are so cool!

    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog! Hope you stop by sometime soon!


  9. Mmmm, as you said, those clutches are quite retro, and maybe too difficult to put in an outfit... I think I just like the one with the strawberries, but I don't know how I would wear the others... D:
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    See ya!

  10. thank you so much :)
    mh, the clutches are adorable !