Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cute Combination - Floral Bracelet / Hat

Forever 21 
Glittered Rose Bracelet  / Classic Floppy Hat

Hello Everyone,
I love this Floral Bracelet 
featured on my last post "Spring Accessories - Floral Bracelets"
For Spring/Summer we all love Hats and this is one of my favorites.
I would wear this with a maxi dress and flip flops and sunglasses for a casual look!!

Glittered Rose Bracelet $5.80

Classic Floppy Hat $10.80

This Floral Bracelet worn with this Hat, make a CUTE COMBINATION

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I do it so that everyone knows what's in stores and so that everyone can take advantage of the sales, just like I do.


  1. Nice hat! I love the color, sooo summer!
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  3. Both hat and bracelet are just great! Nice blog :)

  4. cute bracelet

  5. oh, too bad, i can't see, thay you're following me :/ could you please try it again? don't know, maybe blogger made a mistake or something.

    this hat looks pretty nice. i would but it, if i had a different hair colour..i guess red hair with red hat don't look so nice..;> but maybe in black!

    nice inspiration!!