Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Accessories - Chain Hand BRACELETS (Topshop)

Multi Chain Hand Bracelet $28.00

Hello Everyone, 
It's Spring and we are all enjoying the TRENDS
We all love accessories and BRACELETS is one of them
Here's a few Chain Hand Bracelets from Top Shop in STORE right now.

Cross Chain Hand Bracelet - $18.00

 Triangle Hand Chain $20.00

Skull Hand Chain $18.00

Ring to Wrist Bangle $30.00

Cross Cuff Hand Chain Bracelet $28.00

Cross Ring to Wrist Wear Bracelet $18.00

Coin Ring Hand Cover Bracelet $20.00

Note, I don't get pay for promoting any product or sales I show in any of my posts.
I do it so that everyone knows what's in stores and so that everyone can take advantage of the sales, just like I do.


  1. those are cute accessories and not a bad price too! thanks for sharing

  2. I love love those! Ever since I saw one on the cover of Kelly Clarkson's cd, I've wanted one. They have a gypsy feel to them, so lovely.


  3. I am really keen to try this trend out! Very cool.

    - Fifi

  4. Lovely blog!! Check mine and if you like we can follow each other :)


  5. Oh how I wish I had a Top Shop close to me! I love all of these!