Thursday, February 23, 2012

Favorite Pick ( Feather Earrings )

Forever 21
Ombre Feather Earrings $5.80

Hello Everyone,
I love these Feather Earrings, they are cute cute cute
Love the color, this would be my FAVORITE PICK for the week from Forever 21
And it goes really well with the Knit Lace Top from a previous post 

Top Shop
Knitted Top with Lace Front $76.00

Note, I don't get pay for promoting any product or sales I show in any of my posts.
I do it so that everyone knows what's in stores and so that everyone can take advantage of the sales, just like I do.


  1. This is so pretty!

  2. Yeah I love Forever 21's earrings. They are pretty yet affordable! Thanks for sharing. : )

  3. Those feather earrings look so cute! Great pick :)