Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cosmetics ( Lip Gloss of the Month )

 L'oreal Paris "Colour Riche leGloss"
 159 Golden Splash

Hello Everyone, 
This month there is a Lip Gloss that I have been enjoying and LOVING
L'oreal Paris "Colour Riche leGloss" in 159 Golden Splash

Reasons why I love it:
1- The formula is great. It's not sticky.
2- It smells and taste good
3- It's moisturizing, hydrating, make your lips really soft
4- It has the right amount of shimmer
5- It's long lasting to me

I think this was a good purchase and I would buy it in other colors.

Note, I don't get pay for promoting any product or sales I show in any of my posts.
I do it so that everyone knows what's in stores and so that everyone can take advantage of the sales, just like I do.

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