Saturday, July 16, 2011

ME " One Lovely Blog Award"

Hello Everyone
I want to say THANK YOU to Kristen from "What Goes on"
and also THANK YOU to Valentina from "The Streets of Fashion"
for giving me the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD"

I want to give this same award to some of my favorite Bloggers!!

Here's a few things about myself
1- Red is my favorite color 
2- I love hula hooping ( will do a post on it showing you all how to hula )
3- I love to sketch
4- I love the heat and humidity of summer

Here are the rules:
Give the award to the person from whom you have received it and link them. Write a few things about yourself. Give the award to your favorite blogs.

Note, I don't get pay for promoting any product or sales I show in any of my posts.
I do it so that everyone knows what's in stores and so that everyone can take advantage of the sales, just like I do.


  1. He! thanks for the award.


  2. You love heat :X You should come live where I am. It's always 90-100 degrees.

    I can't wait to move to somewhere like Canada. Haha :D Oh and congrats on the award!

    Castle Fashion

  3. amazing this post, this blogs are so nice, i understand why are your favourites!
    have a good day!