Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall 2010 Socks!

These are my mini sketches showing how girls are wearing socks this fall.

Wear Socks with dresses with oxfords, flats, boots or heels.
These Marc Jacobs dresses worn with socks gives a fancy sophisticated chic look.
Salvatore sweater dress is girly, chic and of course the socks completes the look!

This is a Forever21 dress with socks look.

Prada's Knee High Socks
A Basic Rib K.H. and warm Heather K.H. in Basic Black with Gray and with Accents of Bright Orange.

Dior's Lace Over The Knee Socks with Ruffle Cuffs and a Pretty Girly Ribbon Detail
that gives a Sassy Sexy Look!

This is an American Apparel Over The Knee Socks Look.

These are Alexander's Wang Over the Knee Socks that go over your shoes.

Fishnets are everywhere right now. In Black and Nude colors.
Fishnets give a sexy look to any outfit.

Anna Sui - Sheer with pattern Tights
Alice - Olivia Sheer with vertical stripes Tights
Prada's warm cozy Winter Tights.

These are Express Looks with Tights.

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